Vizi-Manager Administration-Tools

Define hierarchical models

Define hierarchical models in Process Modeler Step 1) Draw a collapsed sub-process which stands for an aggregation of detailed process steps. Step 2) Generate a new process level, i.e. a Visio sheet, by right-clicking on the sub-process and choosing the option Expand to new Process Level. Step 3) Draw the detailed process steps on the newly generated page.

Model a process

Model a process Modeling a process with Process Modeler is easy. Just get some simple tips to model good looking diagrams in a quick and professional way. Stencil and sheet The Process Modeler stencil always appears on the right side of the Visio window. There you find all BPMN elements in their basic specification (without types and markers). Once you draw an element shape onto the sheet you are able to specify things like Task, Event or Gateway types. You […]

Using BPMN 2.0 mode

BPMN 2.0 Element Set for Process Modeler Within Process Modeler, all BPMN elements are graphical objects, which have been mapped to Visio shapes. Care has been taken not to introduce an overkill of shape variations by limiting it to 19 and using Visio’s features of dynamic shape representation. Purposeful attribute handling may then result in more detailed and sophisticated element representations. The BPMN 2.0 specification groups the process modelling elements as follows: Flow Objects Events (Start, Intermediate, Boundary, End) Activities […]

Users Guide

Process Modeler for Microsoft Visio – Users Guide This guide explains the main features of Process Modeler for Microsoft Visio. If you are new to Process Modeler please read First Steps. For installation issues refer to the Installation Guide. This users guide explains features available in Process Modeler 6. If you are using an older version,  you may miss some of these features. We recommend that you update to the most actual release, especially if you are collaborating with colleagues using […]