Businessobject-Model Options

SQL Import/Export First we have a look at the SQl Import/Export. If you finished your BOM-diagram, you have the possibility to export it. Either you export it to an Excel file or you export it to a SQL. If you export your diagram to SQL you convert your diagram already in the right for for the creation of a database. BOM-Export to SQL: Here you got several adjustment possibilities. First you should know which form your diagram should have after […]

XML Import/Export

With the function XML import/export you get the oppertunity to link your elements with other elements or processes (diagrams) from other diagrams by using the “reuse..” function. Export: Here you can export and save your diagram as a .bpmn data. This is necessary if you want to import them later in an other diagram.       Import: With this function you import a .bpmn data. Just chose the one you want and accept it by clicking on “ok”. If […]

Update/Refresh options

There are 5 more Options together with Compare and Update¬†that u can choose from on Update/Refresh. Refresh Diagram: Refreshes your entire Diagram. This may fixes failure messages that are correct, like for example connections that are not properly recognized. ¬†Unreferenced Elements: This Setting let you view all unrefernced elements and gives you the option to remove them all with just one action. Auto-Link Subprocesses/Process levels: Auto links Subprocesses and process levels with the same name. Refresh expanded Callingactivities: ????? Reset […]

Unique Copy

This option gives you the oppertunity to create an unique copy of your diagram. This option is made make a new diagram on the basis of an old one. Normally your diagramm gets a GUIT-Number when you create it. This number stays the same all the time you work on it. Even if you change something or change the name before saving it, the number will stay the same. So when you take your basis diagram and change it and […]