Installation Guide of Vizi-Manager

Managing repository connections

Managing Repository Connections To define a new connection configuration, just open the “File” —> “Options” dialog and press the Add… button: The connection configuration dialog allows you to enter the connection parameters such as connection name or login information. The user should contact the repository administrator for login information and to retrieve the connection. The example and explanation below are based on the default values defined by the process modeler default installation (which can be altered by the database administrator) […]

Update repository

Update repository You can update the existing repository schema here. The wizard searches for all schema containing the tables known to the repository.  All found schema names are shown in the list, including their current version in brackets.  To update a schema instance, select the schema and press the ‘Update’ button. Warning: If there are any active connections to the selected schema from other clients you may not be able to update the schema.  Make sure all other connections are […]

Team Repository Installation Wizard

Process Modeler Team Repository Installation Wizard The help provided in this section will accompany you through all the steps needed for a quick and effective installation of the team repository database.