Simulation example

Analytical Modelling

Here you can see a process with some elments of the analytical range. Noteworthy in this process are the intermediate events the event based gateway and the attached intermediate events. The intermediate events can show you a interruption/dehydration of the process, and at the same time function as a kind of status message and/or can show you periods, deadlines or similar things. The event based gateway has just one path which will be followed based on an event which takes […]

Descriptive Modelling

Descriptive Modelling

Hello World – An easy Diagram

Hello World – An easy Diagram Here you can see a simple Diagram. We used Message- and Sequence-flows, Tasks (User-,Service. and Send-Tasks), XOR-Gateway and Start- as well as End-events.(In this example Message-events) What u can see here is a collaboration with a Customer, which means an extern Pool. But the customer plays an important role in this diagram. Whitout him the Process can not start. The customer starts the Process with a message. Important ist that you always label the […]