"Deep Dive" into the modeller-functions

Reuse Lanes

Reuse Lanes Reuse of Lanes in a diagram is a modeling enhancement of Process Modeler and does not reflect a BPMN concept, although this function leaves your BPMN-XML absolutely correct. The reason is that Lanes in BPMN cannot be (visually) replicated as it is possible with Pools. How to get value from reusage In a business process, a Lane (i.e. a role) usually covers activities in more than one process section. This means for hierarchical diagrams (using sub-processes) you need to […]


Reuse BPMN elements with Process Modeler Reuse of elements with Process Modeler covers a correct implementation of the BPMN reusage concept as well as advanced reusage features that enhance modeling convenience. The reuse function will be necessary if your diagram contains a global element. (Activities/process participant and others which are used multiple times diagram intern or extern in the same process) If you want to reuse an element, the following dialog will open:   This dialog shows all elements of […]

Syntax Validation

BPMN 2.0 Syntax Validation The Process Modeler includes a validation mechanism to examine process diagrams for syntax violations. The validator is a rules based module that checks for problems in the direct neighborhood of an element, as well as for global violations in the complete diagram. All results of the syntax validations are displayed in the Todo List and as an icon on the shape. You can configure and start the validation mechanism using the Process Modeler Options: Visio 2010 The validation […]