"Deep Dive" into the modeller-functions

Method & Style Wizard

Method & Style Wizard The Method & Style Wizard will automatically generate a first diagram draft based on some user input, following the Method & Style rules defined by bpmessentials.com. The aim of the wizard is to assist the process designer in the creation of a correct, consistent, appealing and unambiguous BPMN 2.0 model with the help of pointed questions. This concept – known as “BPMN Method & Style” – has been developed by Bruce Silver and itp-commerce ltd. (2007-2014). The […]

BPMN 2.0 by default

What is BPMN? You’re about to learn a new language for describing business processes, the Business Process Modeling Notation, or BPMN.  If you have done any process flowcharting, you will find it comfortably familiar at first.  But as you learn more about it, it will occasionally seem strange and, to make things worse, strict and unbending.  Because unlike traditional flowcharting, the shapes and symbols don’t mean whatever you define them to mean.  Their meaning is defined already in a specification.  […]

Modelling Organisations

Modelling Organisations Construction/Expiration of the Organisation versus Roles

Modelling Businessobjects

Modelling Businessobjects (BOM) Modelling Businessobjects (BOM) A business object is an entity within a multitiered software application that works in conjunction with the data access and business logic layers to transport data. Function Whereas a program may implement classes, which typically end in objects managing or executing behaviors, a business object usually does nothing itself but holds a set of instance variables or properties, also known asattributes, and associations with other business objects, weaving a map of objects representing the business relationships. A domain […]

Modelling a Processmap

What is a Processmap? A Processmap shows graphically single Business-Processes in their interactions and/or their temporal relations with each other. It is the base for all further optimizations, describtions and definitions of a Processorganization. It is the contrast of an organigramm, which shows (functional, hierarchical, disciplinary) the construction organisation. A Processmap gives an overview of: Available Processes in a Business Their logical correlation The responsible Process-owner and with which Processes the business is connected to their external Customers and Suppliers […]

BPMN 2.0 Diagram Interchange

BPMN 2.0 Diagram Interchange (BPMNDI) Set the resolution that will be used to calculate shape sizes and positions used for diagram interchange exports. (Standard value is 72 dpi)    

BPMN 2.0 General Options

General Options This tab defines general/miscellaneous settings. Default Title Block Create default title block for new diagrams Whenever a new BPMN diagram is created, a default title block will be generated, if there is none defined in the template itself. By default, this option is enabled and there are no title blocks predefined in the templates. Under Select logo for default title block, the path of the actually chosen logo is shown. To choose another logo, simply press the Open […]


Backstage In the backstage menu of Process Modeler (File menu -> Process Modeler for Ms Visio 2010) you find a large set of functionalities and options that enable you to: Generate new diagrams (New) Publish, convert and export diagrams, as well as use the Repositories (File Handling) Define basic settings of Process Modeler (Options) View product and license information and check for updates (Product Information) Convert a BPMN 1.2 diagram to a BPMN 2.0 diagram It is now possible to […]

Add a Doclet to the current Process Documentation Definition

Add a Doclet to the current Process Documentation Definition Using this dialog, a Doclet for a specific element type may be added to the currently selected Process Documentation Definition. Steps: Use Choose Element Type to select the desired Element Type. Then press the Browse button to select the matching Doclet (*.rtf). To add this definition now to the current Process Documentation Definition, simply press the OK button. An existing definition for the chosen Element Type will be overwritten without further […]


Templates This dialog is the first dialog of the process documentation wizard. – Choose a template from list: shows the list with all templates found in the process documentation folder – Select the template from file: opens the dialog for the user to choose the template from the file system Use the change button to change the properties of the template. With the save button all properties are saved back to the file.