Repository administration tools

Group administration

Group administration The group “Any” is defined by default and is shown in the group list after a default installation. This group represents the group for the root repository folder. It is not advised to add users to this group. We recommend to create more specific roles for groups. To create a new group just click with the right mouse button onto the group list view and select the context menu “New”. The following screen shows up: Enter the name […]

User administration

User administration Use the “security” note-tab in the repository administration window to get the users and groups administration view. New users can be added. Click on the right mouse button and select the context menu “New”. In the window shown below you can enter the user name and the user password. Set user repository privileges .The available permissions are READ, WRITE and DELETE [RWD]. Additionally you can enter a free text description for the user. After all necessary information is […]

Managing users and groups

Managing users and groups The administration of users and groups is accessible through the repository administration tool. You will find it under the “Security” note-tab. Only DB-connections with database administration rights can use the repository adminitration tool. New users can be created or deleted as well as user rights can be granted or revoked. Each user can be added to one or more groups. As you could see in the example above, the user is able to delete objects on […]

Explorer functions

Explorer functions Repository explorer offers an additional powerful functionality for managing documents. The user can easily administrate documents, or work with packages and folders. By default, one explorer window will be opened. To open a second, one use the repository menu “new explorer…”. This allows you to simplify the management between documents and folders on a similar manner as shown in the Windows File Explorer. For extended help information about the repository explorer functions, please consult the Process Modeler help […]

Getting started

Getting started In order to access the repository some pre-requisites must be fulfilled. First of all, a valid connection to the repository must be established.  Second, the repository license must be entered and validated.  Users and groups can be added to the repository after these first two steps are completed. Note: The group “Any” will be defined and created during the database installation. Start the tool Repository Administration via the menu Start —> Process Modeler Repository Administration Note: This tool will […]