Revision, Version, Branch

Revision, Version, Branch


Each process modeler document is stored into the repository with the appropriate version and revision. The repository works with a check in / check out mechanism where each check in will create a new revision of the document in the repository.

  • Check Out
    Documents are checked out of the repository for editing by a user. Checked out documents are locked from editing by any other users (read only access). The checked out document can be saved repeatedly to the repository without checking it in.
  • Revert
    The changes made to a checked out document can always be undone by calling revert on the document. A document can only be reverted by the user that checked out the document (or by the Administrator of the repository). Note that a revert will undo all the changes done to the checked out document back to the last checked in revision.
  • Check In
    The user can choose if the document shall be checked in when it is saved to the repository. A Check In will always create a new revision of the document in the repository. Note that checked in revisions can not be undone or removed from the repository.

Each document has a so-called head revision. The head revision is the latest (highest) revision of a document and is the only revisions that can be changed (checked out). Any older revisions are historized (archived) and can only be accessed for reading. Using the history entries the users can track document changes from the beginning to the end. Each revision can be branched and each history entry can be opened, modified and saved under a new revisions.

The following figure shows a possible life cycle of a document in the repository:

Click “Save as” or

File -> Repository -> Save to


Select a folder:


Along side the main(trunk) revisions, the document can be historised and managed in multiple branches. The highest revision in each trunk or branch is defined as head revision and is visible in the repository explorer. New branches can be created in the history form.


As shown on the above image, the document is saved with the trunk revisions 1, 2, 3, and 4. For the revisions 2 and 4 branched versions exist. Green marked revisions are head revisions for the appropriate trunk respectively branch. Note that a document that is checked out can not be branched.

Open Repository Explorer:

Select the file and click “History” from the context menu

figure1: Repository Explorer
Click “New Branch” from the contextmenu on the revision where you want to add a branch

new branch added

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