MSI Package Installation

Get the Package from:
https://www.itp-commerce.com/download (follow the link to the MSI packages up there)

These packages can be used with msiexec and are suitable for silent installations in a package distribution environment.

For a silent installation use the command below:

C:\> msiexec /i vm71_#####_[x86|x64].msi /quiet WRAPPED_ARGUMENTS=”/S /L=[EN|DE|FR|JA]”
where ##### stands for the current build number, x86 for the 32 bit version and x64 for the 64 bit version of Visio. The supported language parameters are EN (English), DE (German), FR (French) and JA (Japanese).

Example: msiexec /i vm7_17371_x86.msi /quiet WRAPPED_ARGUMENTS=”/S /L=EN”
Installs Vizi Modeler 32 Bit Version for English Language and without any user interactions.

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