Model with VM 7

In this article we learn the basics of modeling with VM 7.

To be able to model you need the Stencil with all Elements of BPMN 2.0. If you dont have a stencil then u can get further information here.


  • Insert elements from stencil: To insert elements from your stencil into your diagram you need to drag and drop them at your desired position. Click ono an element and hold your left mouesbutton, then drag it to its destination.

Drag&Drop_2 Drag&Drop_3









  • Adjuist and change elements: To adjust or change your elements click on your inserted element and afterwards click on the menu choice BPMN-XY (In this example BPMN-Task). Now you are free to adjust your element. As an example convert a generic task into an user task.









  • Or you might just right click on your element as well and do your changes or adjustments right there.










  • Connect elements: To connect your elements you have got two possibilities. In the first place you can connect them with the visio-shape or you might just do it with the connection-tool.
  • Visio-Shape: To do this option you just drag and drop (look above) your connection from the stencil into your diagram. This works with all connections.(Sequence-or Message-flows or associations)









  • Connector-Tool: To choose the connector-tool click on “start” and then choose “connector”. Now choose the kind of connection by clicking on it in the stencil. After you chose it you can set the starting point by clicking your left mouse button. Hold the button and drag it to the desired finishing point and let the mousbutton go. As a last step click again on “start” and click again on “Connector”.









  • Finally we look at how you can validate your BPMN 2.0 diagram. To run a validation click on “BPMN-Model” and the click in the top left corner on validate. Any faults will now be shown on the bottom of your diagram together with a notification to specify your faults.


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