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Document Approach

You can understand Team Repository as simple persistence storage, which organizes and maintains your process models.  Team Repository stores documents but is implemented with a relational database which contains all metadata and the documents itself.

Team Repository stores any type of document.  Some of them, such as Process Modeler based Visio documents or packages, will be decomposed before being saved into the persistence storage.

To support an easy document management the documents are organized into folders and sub-folders as is commonly used for file persistence under Microsoft Windows.

Every document will be stored once even if you may copy them from one folder to another. You may copy, in fact, only the reference to such a document. The following picture illustrates the so called “soft link” to a real existing document within the repository shown in the document properties.

Document properties with locations of document

Save to Team Repository:

When saving a document into the Team Repository you can edit the following information. They will be visible in the Repository Explorer afterwards:

  • Folder (in the folder tree of the Team Repository)
  • Name
  • Filename (with file type extension)
  • Keywords (you can find you document by searching for these keywords in the repository search)
  • Comment (for the current version)
  • Check In (if checked the document will be available for editing after saving it to the repository)

Save to Repository

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