Licensing and Activation

Licensing and Activation

To use the full palette of Process Modeler for Microsoft Visio you need to purchase a license. At info@itp-commerce.com we would enjoy to advise you anytime. Should you choose to use VM7 without a license you still can create diagrams, but you will work with a highly limited function set.

There are two types of licenses.

Evaluationlicense: This license u can get for free, but it is temporal strongly limited. You can get this license on our Site Itp-Commerce.com and/or we will hand it to you after a schooling with our expert. With this license theres no activation needed.

Purchased License: This license runs for the whole period you bought your VM7. This licnese you need to activate. But hold in mind, that there is a restriction in the number of activations. A guide on how to buy such a license can be found here.

This is a simple process which will have your Process Modeler up and running in no time.


Enter your license

Using the dialog below, you may set or change your license for your current Process Modeler installation.

Choose the licensing dialog in the backstage












Enter your license information, which consists of:

  • Licensee
  • License key

If you entered a valid license, you will be able to save it. Once a license is saved, you will be able to change your license according to your needs. Any operation can be canceled using the cancelbutton.

Activate license

If the license information (non-evaluation) has been saved correctly, the Process Modeler simply needs to be activated for your hardware. Activation can be performed over the Internet or offline. Choose your preference in the Activate your license section.

For offline activation, select Offline and you may request the activation code via fax or email. After receiving the activation key, enter the information precisely as delivered in Enter received activation key and press Activate.

To activate via the Internet, select Internet and press Activate. It is also possible to define a proxy server in case of an active firewall. To do so, press the Manual Proxy configuration…button and enter the HTTP Proxy and Port definition. Press OK and the entered proxy server will be used to access the Internet for product activation.

Following information will be transferred during activation:

  • Licensee
  • Process Modeler Edition
  • License Key
  • A part of Microsoft’s hardware hash code for unambiguous identification of your hardware profile

You may Activate Later, if you wish to. A un-activated installation has a grace period of 10 product starts, before falling back to the unlicensed status. After having reached the grace period, only an activation will again enable all product features.

Important note: No personal information or software profiles will be queried, transferred or stored, when Process Modeler connects over the Internet to the Activation Service.

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