Installation Guide

Installation Guide

This guide shows you how to take Process Modeler for Microsoft Visio. Process Modeler is a tool for business process modeling, and provided to you as an add-in to Microsoft Visio available. This section leads you through the installation and set-up process of Process Modeler for Microsoft Visio.  Should you encounter any problems during the following procedures, please refer to our support.

  • First goto Itp-commerce.com and scroll down.
  • Now you should see a Link called evaluation download, which u click and now u are required to Login with your Logindata.
  • After Loggin in you should see this Page:









  • Choose now your settings and click on “Next”
  • The next page you should see is the Download link.








  • Click on Download and wait until it is finished
  • Now run the Setup. It should look like this first.









  • Now follow the instructions on your screen and end it by clicking on finish now.
  • As a last step you need to open your Microsoft Visio. As soon as it opnes you should see this window popping up.







  • Click on Install and wait until it is finshed
  • Congratulation you have now installed your process Modeller for Microsoft Viso

How to License correctly can be seen here.

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