Group administration

Group administration

The group “Any” is defined by default and is shown in the group list after a default installation. This group represents the group for the root repository folder.

It is not advised to add users to this group. We recommend to create more specific roles for groups. To create a new group just click with the right mouse button onto the group list view and select the context menu “New”. The following screen shows up:

Enter the name for the group and, optionally, you can enter a description for this group . Afterwards set the privileges for this group. At the bottom, on the right window area, you will see all available user(s). Just add the appropriate user to its group. Select the user from the list to add this user to the specific group. The  arrow can be used to remove users. After all group information has been defined, click “OK” to create this new group. The group should appear in the group list.

To edit or remove the group, use the right mouse button context menu for the appropriate group and use the option “Properties” and “Remove”, respectively. After the user has been added to at least one group, the repository can now be accessed by the user.

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