Create Title Block

Create Title Block

There exist two different ways to create a title block on a Visio sheet:

  • The default title block
  • A custom title block

Whenever a new BPMN diagram is created, a default title block will be generated, if there is none defined in the template itself. To disable creating the default title block every time, check Process -> Options… dialog -> General tab.

Default Title Block

Some of the attributes shown in the title block can be changed. Either use the attribute explorer or right click on the default title block and choose Title Block…. This will show the default title block dialog.


Custom Title Block

It is also possible to create custom title blocks. Either it is possible to use the default title block as a base for a custom title block or to create a new one. To use the default title block, right click on the default title block and choose Set As Custom Titleblock. To create a new custom title block, simply create a new shape in Visio that should look like your new title block.

Then follow these steps:

  1. Enter Attribute Variables to parts of this shape to customize text. Please check the chapter Attribute Variables in the Process Documentation section for further information on Attribute Variables. Only attributes of the diagram can be used (no element attributes).
  2. Right click on that shape and select Identify as Title Block.
  3. Delete any existing default title blocks.
  4. Save your diagram as new template (.vst). Whenever you now create a new instance of your template, a diagram with your new title block will be created.


Here is an example of a custom title block before identifying as title block:

Custom Title Block

Here some examples of Attribute Variables that can be used in your custom title block:

  • %%bpmn.diagram.author%% (BPMN attribute Author)
  • %%bpmn.diagram.version%% (BPMN attribute Version)
  • %%bpmn.diagram.creationdate%% (BPMN attribute CreationDate)
  • %%bpmn.diagram.modificationdate%% (BPMN attribute ModificationDate)
  • %%user.diagram.a%% (User defined attribute ‘a’)
  • %%user.diagram.a.b%% (User defined attribute ‘b’ as child of user defined attribute ‘a’)
  • %%filename%% (file name of the diagram)
  • %%pagename%% (current page name)
  • %%logo%% (default logo of the default title block)
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