Businessobject-Model Options

SQL Import/Export

First we have a look at the SQl Import/Export. If you finished your BOM-diagram, you have the possibility to export it. Either you export it to an Excel file or you export it to a SQL. If you export your diagram to SQL you convert your diagram already in the right for for the creation of a database.

  • BOM-Export to SQL: Here you got several adjustment possibilities. First you should know which form your diagram should have after you exported it. (Oracle, sql server or my sql, differences in their “language”) Afterwards choose the Dataname for your diagram. Optional you can also give it a scheme name. This one will appear also in your exported file and gives a orderly overview.
  • BOM-Export to Excel: Creates an Excel table with all informations from your diagram. You can change the formatting of this Excel document manually by changing the template, which can be found in the installationfolder of your Vizi Modeler.
    ( %appdata% → Roaming → itp-commerce → VM7 →Templates)



With this option you have two settings you can choose from. First “update..” and second  “compare and update”.


  • Update..: This option updates your BOM and sets all filters (locatet on the top left corner, Blackbox domain and so on) to default.

Update and compare

  • Update and compare: You got now three different compare possibilities. Compare against BOM from file system, compare against BOM from repository and compare against external database scheme.
  • Compare against BOM from file System: Search a BOM diagram with which you want to compare in your file system (computer). There are two possible formats; BPMN 2.0 XML-Datas  (*.xml, *.bpmn), or Visio-drawings  (*.vsd, *.vdx, *.vsdx). Just choose the correspondingly data type in the bottom right corner.
  • Compare against Bom from repository: Search your diagram you want to compare with the help of the repository file searching settings. You can search it by name or by author/search_words. or you let the repository show all diagrams and search it there.
  • Compare against external database scheme for oracle: To use this you first need to chose your connection type. (Oracle, MSSQL, MySql)
  • Compare against external database for oracle:
  • Comapre against external database for MSSQL:
  • Compare against external database for MySql:

Compare- and update-dialogue

In this dialogue you can see all potential changes. First you can see all changes in writen form. (Changed Element-Types, Removed Elements, added Elements, attribute changes, added attributes and removed attributes) But you can also create a preview of your diagram with all changes. Furthermore you can adjust your preview by selecting the changes you want to add/dont want in your diagram. This can be done by selecting the caskets on the right of the changes. If you consent with the changes you can now click on apply changes. Attention: if you apply changes they will be permanent.

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