Analytical Modelling

Here you can see a process with some elments of the analytical range. Noteworthy in this process are the intermediate events the event based gateway and the attached intermediate events.

The intermediate events can show you a interruption/dehydration of the process, and at the same time function as a kind of status message and/or can show you periods, deadlines or similar things.

The event based gateway has just one path which will be followed based on an event which takes place before the gateway. In this Example it is showed. Either you receive the message then it follows the “happy path” or the customer does not answer and we get into a 30 day deadline. There cant be both possibilities at the same time.

With an attached intermediate event you need to be careful. Do not forget to model also a second endevent in the subprocess with the same meaning as the attached intermediate event. (If you have  attached the intermediate event on to a subprocess)

The new Element in this Subprocess is the OR gateway. A OR-gateway has conditional sequenceflos which you always need to describe. An OR-gateway describes an either or decision. This means “Take path A or take path B or take path A and path B”.

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